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The Lone Voice...

For many years, I've been in cyber, speaking about all the things that matter to me.  Often, I encounter souls who acknowledge what I say, the truth being the foundation of everything written about.  However, there are times when I wonder if my voice is being heard.  Am I getting through?  I manage to get the hits, as relates to permeating brains and intellect.  The urge I have to teach--reach--was so strong; I'd find myself logged onto numerous sites at once, my computer keyboard clicking with fury, as words formed on the screen.  I was motivated by something far greater than just myself--I was preaching some type of gospel.


We have to compete with so much noise--the attention span of people these days is very limited.


As I continued to visit sites, It became clear, that social issues were the catalyst of my topics. Nothing escaped my radar.


For almost 20 years, I've been a lone voice out here.  Trying to get through to those who don't have intellectual outlets to reference nor people in their life deep enough to reach their minds.


I only hope that I'm making a difference.


If just one person gets it, I've won.


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