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Organ Transplantation Tourism Law Signed in Nigeria

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is a sad day for all Nigerians. President Goodluck Jonathan assented to the National Health Law 2014. is no doubt that, President Goodluck Jonathan was forced to sign this law, which he gallantly fought to turned down twice. This means now that, if any Nigerian goes to a hospital, the doctor does not need his/her Consent to pouch his/her organs for transplantation to Western Organ Tourists (Sections 48, 51). All Nigerian hospitals will be closed down within 24 months from now, to make way for the Western hospitals established in Nigeria for Human Organ Trafficking (Section 13). There will be no alternatives to these hospitals! There is now clear evidence that Nigerian health professionals will lose key their positions for foreign experts who will harvest organs of Nigerians for sale to Western patients (Section 43 and 45). Nigerians will have their ovarian eggs pouched for human egg trafficking for embryonic stem cell research in Western Biotechnology labs (see Definition of 'tissue' that excludes gametes - ovarian and sperms). Over 30 million Nigerians will loose their lives if the Law goes into full operation within the next five years of harvesting of ovarian eggs and organs of otherwise healthy people. This NATIONAL HEATH LAW 2014 and the so-called BioSAfety Bill are the reasons for the Terrorism Boko Haram sponsored by Biotechnology companies headed by Bill Gates and Monsanto. Their aim to kill and drive away Nigerian farmers and take up their lands for large GMOs farms. Over 250,00 farmers have so far been killed and 5 million displaced by Boko Haram. New Western hospitals will be built for organ tourists by Bill Gates and General Electric associates. A New form of Organ Slavery has just began in Nigeria. PLEASE read the attached bill now law in Nigeria. This calls all African Americans and Africans in the Diaspora on Alert and to spread the word, unless we Africans will be extent sooner rather than later.  


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