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13 years ago

Originally posted by Fagunwa:
If you think this is "a safe place for your progeny" you are delusional. Your amerikkka is becoming increasingly unsafe for african americans - americans particularly if they are male.

As for your being "infiltrated" by whom? Who do you think wants to be identified with the picture that our common oppressor paints of you around the world? A picture which some of your rappers do a great job of perpetuating, the dumb n*gga.

Can't you see they are to quote Gil Scott Heron from over thirty years ago "they need some new n*ggas now". They are tired of your young ones with their hip hop attitude and will now cut their opportunity to rise by allowing the mexican and every other "immigrant" to work here legally. Infiltrated? It been over wake up they are in the end game already.
The cat has arrived, rats disappear. Yoruba proverb.

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