This Talented Teen’s Impromptu Piano Performance Will Blow You Away

This Talented Teen’s Impromptu Piano Performance Will Blow You Away

We think it's safe to call him a prodigy.

01/26/2016 03:06 pm ET
    Taryn FinleyBlack Voices Associate Editor, The Huffington Post

Eighteen-year-old Monntel West was waiting for his friend at the mall when he casually decided to blow everyone's minds.

The high school senior was just trying to kill time when he sat down to play the piano on display at Lansing Mall in Michigan. West unintentionally drew a crowd with his rendition of "River Flows in You" by Yiruma and left them with "goosebumps," as the woman who recorded him playing described. She shared the video on Facebook on Friday and it's received more than 390,000 views as of Tuesday.  


West, who plans to study music management in college, told Langsing State Journal that he's started learning piano in the eighth grade. Though the self-taugh pianist said formal piano lessons would make him even better, his family hasn't been able to afford them, let alone purchase a piano for their home.

Despite not being able to read music, the teen could possibly give an experienced pianist a run for his or her money. He executed his mall concert flawlessly while listening to a completely different song in his earbuds. Wow.

Since the video has gone viral, a GoFundMe campaign was created to cover the first two months of piano lessons for West and potentially buy him a piano. So far, people have contributed more than $2,548.

"Everybody has those hidden talents and hidden abilities," he said. "Hopefully this shows people to not be afraid to show them."

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  There are a lot of black prodigy in our community but they are not supported and like this guy do what he can and sometimes in the mist of it get distracted and can fall into the life of crime.  I've seen so many prodigies in my time who didn't have parents to support their dream.  Whose parents were in that life and didn't have time to groom their children's talent or aspirations.  As why programs like mines were so instrumental to at-risk youth cuz it exposes children to different forms of music they wouldn't otherwise experience.   It is my hope that our community will realize how much talent and brilliance we have in our culture...and instead of buying those $300 pair of shoes or game or purse...we take that money and donate it to a good cause:  OUR CHILDREN.   But! 

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