Pa. Judge Sentenced To 28 Years For Selling Black Teens To Prison

Mark Ciavarella leaves the federal courthouse in Scranton, Pa., in February.


Pa. Judge Sentenced To 28 Years In Massive Juvenile Justice Bribery Scandal


A Pennsylvania judge was sentenced to 28 years in prison in connection to a bribery scandal that roiled the state's juvenile justice system. Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. was convicted of taking $1 million in bribes from developers of juvenile detention centers.


The judge then presided over cases that would send juveniles to those same centers. The case came to be known as "kids-for-cash."


The AP adds:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court tossed about 4,000 convictions issued by Ciavarella between 2003 and 2008, saying he violated the constitutional rights of the juveniles, including the right to legal counsel and the right to intelligently enter a plea.


Ciavarella, 61, was tried and convicted of racketeering charges earlier this year. His attorneys had asked for a "reasonable" sentence in court papers, saying, in effect, that he's already been punished enough.


"The media attention to this matter has exceeded coverage given to many and almost all capital murders, and despite protestation, he will forever be unjustly branded as the 'Kids for Cash' judge," their sentencing memo said.

The Times Leader, of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., reports that the court house in Scranton was overflowing this morning. More than a dozen people who said they had been affected by the judge's decision stood outside, awaiting the sentencing.


Jeff Pollins was in that crowd. His stepson was convicted by Ciavarella.


"These kids are still affected by it. It's like post traumatic stress disorder," Pollins told the Times Leader. "Our life is ruined.


It's never going to be the same... I'd like to see that happen to him," he said.



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I remember reading about this judge a while back, I'm glad to see he didn't get away with the criminal acts he perpetrated in court as a judge.


He sold his soul to the devil for cold cash and receives 28 years in prison for his trouble; that's a life sentence for him! 


Finally, a little bit of justice. 


Hopefully, this is a deterrent for other judges for sale.

I posted this story a while back, at least when he was charged with this.


Also, I don't think that it was only Black children that he wrongly sentenced, which IS the equivalent to "selling children", since prisons in America are now for-profit corporations.


Really, the fact that he was wrongly sentencing White children as well, is probably the only reason attention was drawn to what he was doing in the first place, otherwise, he would still be seated, still be selling Black children to the Prison Industrial Complex Industry, and there would be no inquiry into what he was doing, and no attention garnered for the Black children, and he would still be selling Black children as we speak, to the Prison Industrial Complex Industry for money for his own profit.  



Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

  Prisons...plantations-all the same.  Especially when it comes to us.   But!


What this judge did [and everyone else he was in cahoots with to be able to pull it off in the first place], really makes it clear how a For-Profit Prison System really is a Plantation Slavery System.



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