NAACP Warns Minorities, Women, Heading To Missouri: They May Not Be Safe


NAACP Warns Minorities, Women Heading To Missouri: They May Not Be Safe

The organization wants people to know their civil rights may be violated in the Show Me State.

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Members of the NAACP and their supporters arrive at the Michael Brown memorial to start a Journey for Justice, a seven-day 120-mile march from the memorial to the governor's mansion in Jefferson City, Missouri, on Nov. 29, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri.

NAACP delegates have approved a travel advisory warning marginalized groups that “they may not be safe” if they go to Missouri because their civil rights are likely to be violated. 

The delegates voted Wednesday to nationally adopt the advisory, which was put in place statewide in June, according to the Springfield News-Leader. The advisory ― directed at people of color, women, people who identify as LGBTQ and those with disabilities ― cites recent legislation signed by Gov. Eric Greitens (R) that makes it even more difficult to sue for housing or employment discrimination.

NAACP Springfield chapter President Cheryl Clay and other chapter members emphasized that this is not a boycott, but a warning and a response to the legislation.

Our ongoing issues of racial profiling, discrimination, harassment and excess violence towards people of color have been further exacerbated by the passage and signing of [Senate Bill] 43,” Clay said in a statement to the News-Leader.

Not all the communities have the desire or the will to do the right thing for people in their community, Clay added. Thus, this is why Missouri has earned the travel advisory for the whole state.

In addition to the bill, the advisory condemns the state for a number of issues dating back to the Missouri Compromise of 1819. Those include racial and ethnic disparities in education, health, economic empowerment and criminal justice, a long history of racial violence and harassment, and recent data that shows black drivers were 75 percent more likely to be pulled over by cops than white drivers in 2016. 

It also cites the racism that led to protests against University of Missouri in 2015 and a lawmakers comments on the House floor claiming that there's a distinction between homosexuality and just being a human being

Just days before the national delegation voted, Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel told The Associated Press that he thinks everybody's civil rights are now in jeopardy.

After the delegates approved the travel advisory, Chapel told the AP that he hopes the move will boost awareness. He said that the advisory will be up for ratification by the national board in October.

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"Our ongoing issues of racial profiling, discrimination, harassment and excess violence towards people of color have been further exacerbated by the passage and signing of (Senate Bill) 43," Clay said in a statement emailed to the News-Leader. "



The STATE cannot enact laws that are in conflict with Federal Law,

The STATE cannot enact laws that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL,

The STATE cannot enact laws that violate Americans' CIVIL RIGHTS.


Our politicians, the majority of whom are LAWYERS, know this.  

DEMOCRATS sitting around on their asses, freaking FAKING 'ignorance' of these facts should call their true POLITICAL agendas into question.





I'm not going anywhere where my ass can be thrown in jail. I lived and worked in Kansas City in my younger days. Drove by the slaughter houses, they love BarBQue; downtown was pretty. I don't let people upset me much. I'm not going to march with you, join you, worry about my civil rights.nothing. I'm going to leave you alone. When I was a kid, it was me and my dog, Pepper. I'm an only child and don't need companionship with a bunch of phony folks. If I like you, I like you, if I don't, so what?? Life goes on.

Tryin to tell folks.  Some of em just don't get it.  They puff like they're tough disrespectin their own people...they better recognize.  Massa Trump is doin all he can to bring back Jim Crow [which never left] and slavery [by building more prisons].  But you can't young folks nothin...they wanna be hard headed and learn the hard way.  Cuz we only been free 152 years and with civil rights 52 years.  Those liberties are being taken away fast right in front of their eyes.  And yet you still can't tell them NOTHIN.  Pitiful.  But! 

Listen young folks, middle age folks, old motherfuckers:  A hard head makes a DEAD ass. This country's getting worse by the minute. I've been here longer than most of you, I'd say, and I've never seen America like it is now. Not "America", the people!!!!!! Too much Opioids  (whatever that is; it used to be called DRUGS). What kind of environment is it when everybody has to be stoned out of their fucking minds to get through each and every day?  That should tell everyone something. We're surrounded by TOTAL INSANITY. Kim Jong Un's about to put an end to you, all this shit and himself too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're just some woman's kid; you're nothing special; don't give a fuck what your title is; when you're gone, your title will go right along with you. It's a title given to you by some other mother's kid. Mother goes; so will you!!!!!!!!

  I agree Sista Sunnubian.  We are surrounded by total insanity.  And I keep mentioning Christians cuz I'm beginning to see some of em being led by the Trump administration who  use that platform to manipulate his hidden agenda...especially with extreme Christians.  Who are totally or should I say willingly BLIND to what Trump is spewing.  It's Hitler all over again.  The intellect vs the dumb dumb.  Examples are everywhere...well I should say PROOF is everywhere....with global warming-silence...with violence against Muslims-silence.....the things that comes out of the Trump's mouth....silence.  The  only REAL loud noise I hear in opposition is Maxine Waters.  And Ima gonna tell ya....I'm getting real tired of these so-called Christian with their judge and jury position here lately.  Stupid mofos talking that bullshit as if they are BETTER cuz they are Christians and everybody else are heathens.  I rather be AROUND a bunch of white folks than to be ANYWHERE near these stupid trading coon mofos.  One of em called me high strung cuz I disagree with her saying that she doesn't wanna use her tax paying to help the homeless.  WTF?  Bitch!  Get tge fock away from me cuz you a MONSTER.  But that's the flavor in the  hood...where in Los Angeles homeless is now higher than New York.  So for bible thumping tricks to say something STUPID like this?  Shows me the LACK of EMPATHY for human beings...MANY so-called Christians PROBABLY have always possessed except that now they are coming from behind the veil of deceit.  Now these are the same folks who abuse women and church in the church...but are smiling in the pulpit every Sunday.....let's not forget that.  So to hear a trick say something like this [about her OWN people ] is just a cold blooded reminder of how many TRICKS, coons, c$unts, idiots we still have in the black community who are WILLINGLY to continue to lick massa's boots.  Tragic.   But!


Trading Coon Mofos/White Folks. Won't make a damn bit of difference when Kim Jong Un lights up space and the seas. We'll all just be dead together. Peace at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's the only way we're going to get it because no one can mind their fucking business.

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