My film review of Boo! A Madea Halloween

  For me it says that a lotta black folks are in denial to what is actually going on and are deliberately sticking their heads in the sand thinking this revisit of black killings will go away.  Plus a lotta blacks don't wanna deal with the fact that they come from slavery.  Even though there are artists i.e. particularly black rappers who are always screaming about police brutality and yet they are ABSENT in protests, demonstrations and NOT using their voice to incite awareness.  One of the few are doing T.I.  In that he is using his art to have a CLEAR VOICE of what is going on.  So.  I'm not surprised.  There are many black folks who rather LAUGH and DANCE than to be a part of the movement.  As why I continue to say[even though it has received worldwide acknowledgment] that Black Lives Matter is a trend. 

I think many of us are still brainwashed.  And programmed not to speak out.  Now, I have heard a lot of black dudes put Tyler Perry down about his
feminine character of Madea.  They always say he is a disgrace to black men as he continues to cash those checks...but!  It's not just women who are going to see this movie.....right?  So how hypocritical to say the least that some of these very men would rather laugh about the plight of a "fake" character than to be educated about their TRUE history of their TRUE journey in this country.   Having said that, I love Madae.  And support Tyler Perry.  And to be honest I have seen movies like Birth of a Nation most of my life including the original Birth of a Nation.  So for me again.....this is testimony of how FAR we have to go as a people.  And quite frankly, we are no way near where we should be.   But! 

I like Tyler Perry's work too.  I like how he uses comedy to get across morality consciousness and the fact that many of his works are centered around the family dynamic and the trials and tribulations families and individuals go through while trying to live what we call life on this planet.

Though, I really wish Black males would stop harping on Tyler Perry wearing a dress as he plays the Madea character, and understand that it is just acting, that he's playing a role, a character, and his playing this female CHARACTER has nothing to do with homosexuality.  

I mean, if Tyler Perry was playing the role of a horse, and put on a horse costume, would these men think that Tyler Perry was really a horse?  


Madea's funny. I'd rather see her than see what passes for comedians today. I have 2,000 channels on TV and there's enough murder, nasty stuff to choke 5 million horses. Comedians today, talk about oral sex, go through all kinds of sexual shenanigans and that's supposed to be funny. To some, it is; to me, it's not. I'd rather see 50 Madea's than one Kevin Hart or Leslie Jones. Entertainment is dead to me. Today's entertainment is nothing but a huge fashion show of skeletal women, women with big butts, fake tits, fake hair, lying about who's the most "beautiful." That's not "entertainment"; that's yearly Halloween.

Tyler Perry in a suit is damn near as beautiful as President Obama in a suit. Two immaculate, handsome, brothers.

  I rather see a black man in a dress representing the honesty of black culture than to see a black man CHASING a white woman in a dress and deny who he is.  Cuz there are many black men on the down low who wear BAGGY pants and brookshire suits.  So what's that saying?    But!

  One more thang before I forget.  I tired of SEEING Ice T trifling ass on television being a voice for domestic violence when his coward coon HASN'T said ONE word about the black killings by the POLICE.  Every time I see that commercial with him in it?  I wanna THROW the fock up!  What a focking wimp eunuch mofo.  I can't stand to see his stupid ass.  I remember that pimp documentary he was in talking all that shyte about the white man and how he trick his ass.  NEWSFLASH!  Mofo?  You're the damn TRICK!  The minute a white whore got up in your did the Kanya West back stroke and became the focking TRADER to the black ALREADY were....except that the MASK fell off.  And now we as black people SEE you for the idiot coon that you TRULY are. I feel sorry for your children.  But!  

Whatever Ice-T does or doesn't do, shows in his face, like all people that walk along side Satan. No one gets away with anything. Don't waste your time on Ice-T. His kind come a dime a dozen. His day will come. They come for us all, whether good, bad, or indifferent.

  I totally agree.  And quite frankly on the real?  I don't give a fock about Ice T or any other so-called rapper but the point is?  They SUPPOSED to be  so tough....ain't SCARED of the police....running around killing each other and pimping and abusing their OWN women in their neighborhoods....and so down with gold chains and drivin- long Cadillac/Oldsmobiles  and yet WHEN IT COUNTS and WHERE IT COUNTS....these motherfockers are  (1) missing in action and (2) NOTHING more than COON COWARDS.  As they continue DISRESPECTING black women and children.

So for me...and I can only speak for myself....I'm telling these idiots straight up....DON'T CALL YOURSELF BLACK....cuz every last one of yall come from a BLACK WOMB!   And if  a so-called brotha don't respect from where he derives and not be a HERO in his culture?  Then again mofo DON'T call yourself black.    It bothers me cuz I remember black folks being SPIT in the face, knocked down by water hoses and bitten by German Shepherds to FACE massa and DEMAND their human rights.  I remember not being ABLE to get a job simply because of the color of my skin....and I remember living in segregation where if you pass a certain street?  You're lynched, tarred and feathered.  So again for me?  I shout at the TOP of my lungs........Don't call yourself a black man....cuz that's ALL those assholes scream.  I'ma black  man this, I'ma black  man that   my favorite...I'm a MAN....and yet act like a focking COON EUNUCH shaking in their boots with their heads so deep in massa's whore vagina that they blind themselves and won't realize who set the stage for their freedom and the ability to KEEP their balls[cuz remember massa used to put them in a pickle jar sitting on top of a mantle in his living room].  We as a culture DESERVE strong black  men to defend our race....not turn their backs and act like it ain't their problem.  They got what they got BECAUSE OF us.    And that's why Madea can make all those dollas and the historic movies like 12 years as a slave and Birth of a Nation are barely making a profit.  So I really don't give a damn....but!  I'm gonna call these motherfockers OUT....oh yes I am.  Every chance I get.  But! 


I don't know what 12 Years A Slave and Birth of A Nation are about, but if it involves Blacks getting murdered, that's in every day news. Nothing has changed since 1619 but the wording and the continuation of our demise.

Medea's funny, but I will watch her from my couch. Damn, if I'm spending $20.00 or whatever the price is at a movie theater, folks talking, cell phones ringing, me choking on whatever popcorn they sell, spilling my soda down the back of the seat in front of me on the floor; takes 5 minutes for my eyes to adjust to the dark. Nope!!!!!

I like Alec Baldwin doing Drumpf on Saturday Night Live; as soon as he's through; I'm through watching TV for the night. Entertainment no longer entertains me, sorry to say. I just tried watching Jamie Foxx on YouTube. 3 seconds of that; I'm gone. I do like his singing though but I detest nasty or let me say, what I perceive as nasty.

That Birth of A Nation back in the 30's or whenever it was, was enough "Birth of A Nation" for anyone. White folks, a European Gang of Make Believe and Actors/Actresses. All over TV every second of every day.

I like you Tyler; but I'll wait.

Tyler Perry: Madea Can Talk About Anything, Including Police Brutality

The character has been a tool to promote progressive messages to underserved audiences.

10/24/2016 03:14 pm ET
Tibrina Hobson via Getty Images
“I have been able to use this character to bring messages to people who no one has been able to get a message to. She can talk about anything,” he said.

Tyler Perry’s latest Madea film, “Boo! A Madea Halloween,” not only topped last weekend’s box office, it also reaffirmed the Hollywood mogul’s influence on American viewers.

During an episode of The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast, the Hollywood mogul opened up on an array of topics, including his decision to use Madea’s character as a tool to promote progressive messages to underserved audiences.

“I have been able to use this character to bring messages to people who no one has been able to get a message to,” he told host Scott Feinberg. “She can talk about anything. She can make them laugh. And it’s so disarming ― it’s like anesthesia.”

In the future, Perry says he also has a desire to produce a Madea film addressing social themes such as police brutality.

“If I could find a way to talk about police brutality, and all of these people being shot by police officers, through this character — and I’ve been thinking about it — I think it would speak volumes to what so many people can’t say,” he said.

In response to his critics in the black community, which include Spike Lee who once labeled Perry’s films “coonery buffoonery” and others who’ve likened characters in Madea films to ministerial characters such as Amos ‘n’ Andy and Stepin Fetchit, Perry says context matters. 

“Here’s why they’re wrong, because back in the day of Amos ‘n’ Andy and Stepin Fetchit and those characters, they never had any power, they never owned the character, they never had any authority,” he said. “What I’ve been about on this whole journey of my life has been to take this character, to take these stories that my people love, and grow my business into a force. That’s been my purpose.”

For Perry, the nature of the critique is deeply rooted in the burden of representation placed on members of the black community.

“Langston Hughes said Zora Neale Hurston was a new version of the ‘darky’ because she spoke in a southern dialect. This kind of thing goes on and on in our community, and it has for a very long time,” he said. “If you are black and you are not representing a certain polished, educated section of the culture then you’re put into the Stepin Fetchit category. But what I’ve found with a lot of those critics when they say those types of things, what they’re telling me is those people’s stories do not deserve to be told, which is unfair and flat out wrong.”

 He went on to add:

“I think we all have the right to tell our stories, and I speak from my experiences and my journey and all these people are a part of it. And you can say what you want about them, but they’re real human beings. And as long as we’re breathing on this earth, we all have the right to tell our stories.”



Stepin-Fetchit played a part of a dude that was as dumb as 10 boxes of rocks. It has been told he was a millionaire and clinched up a heap of those white movie actresses. He set black folks back 2,000 years. Amos & Andy were funny on the radio and they were two white guys, Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll. I listened every Sunday night. Listened to Beulah too. I liked radio. We could go outside and play with neighbors and didn't have to worry about getting snatched up by perverts. Boys played cowboys and Indians and didn't have to worry about being slaughtered by the Irish cops in the long-gone blue uniforms, that didn't scare the shit out of you, looking like something that stepped out of WWII or Vietnam. Today's cops could go fight in Aleppo, Syria without missing a beat.

Today, everyone in America, Black and White are using Black bodies for target practice. When they re-initiate the draft, they'll be sending our black asses to the front lines to be the worlds' target practice. Our babies are born to stop everyone's bullets, because we have melanin and scare the shit out of everyone. That royally sucks.

Tyler Perry has a pretty mouth. Stepped out on Oprah one day, looking like a god. Damn, his suit was sharp as all get out.

I'll watch you Tyler, just don't do like Wanda Sykes. She did a show on Epix, that I haven't found yet. Went to and they wanted me to join. All I wanted to do was see Wanda and that was it. Try to stick to HBO or Showtime, please.



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