Katrina: African American Relief Efforts

Talk is great, but Action is even better. If you would like to learn about or participate in the Katrina Relief Efforts of African American organizations and individuals please click here.

I would encourage anyone who has donated to an organization, to post that organization's information, so that we all can participate in the giving.

Five things you can do to help immediately:
1. Duplicate what we are doing elsewhere in New York City, in your city ortown, on your college campus, at your church, synagogue, mosque, or otherreligious institution, via your fraternity or sorority, or via your localcivic or social organization.

2. Cut and paste the information in this eblast about Items needed by survivors of the New Orleans catastrophe:* Monetary donations* Where you can ship non-perishable items* Alternative media outlets* Five things you can do to help immediatelyand share this information, as a ONE SHEET, with folks near and far, viaemail, or as a hand out at your event, religious institution, and with yourcivic or social organization.

3. Voice your opinion to local and national media, and to elected officials,via letter, email, op ed article, or phonecall, regarding the coverage ofthe New Orleans catastrophe, as well as to the federal government's ongoinghandling of the situation.

4. Ask the hotel you frequent, such as the Marriott or Holiday Inn, to giveyour hotel points to an individual or family in need of a stay for a night,a few nights, or longer, depending on how many points you have. Be sure toget confirmation that your points have been applied in that way. Encourageothers to do the same. Also inquire if your airline Frequent Flyer mileagecan be used for hotel stays as well.

Finally, either offer to pay for hotel rooms, or encourage others to do so,including your place of employment or worship or your organization.5. Dare to care about other human beings, no matter their race, gender,class, sexual orientation, religion, geography, culture, clothing,hairstyle, or accent or language. Like September 11th, the New Orleanscatastrophe is a harsh reminder that all life is precious, as is each day wehave on this earth.

AND REMEMBER that our attention and response to the New Orleans catastropheneeds to happen in three stages...DISASTER, RECOVERY, and REBUILDING. Weneed you for all three stages.

LaShanda Henry aka Black Out Loud
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deem me a creep, but i'm suspicious of all these "receiving" org's sprouting from the cracks.

hell, i still haven't gotten over marcus garvey, the wtc scams, and the like! so, unless i see tax id's along with financial statements, i ain't given jack!
It's okay to be supicisous. Hard life lessons have made us that way, BUT suspiscion should not trump Sympathy, and a desire to aid those in need.

I have recently donated to the Red Cross, and the BlackAmericaWeb Relief Efforts. I am actively reading to find out what organizations I want to support. You may not find anything on this list that suits your needs, but find something.

Our people are homeless, stuck in a huge dome of death and disease, while we sit in our homes desensitized at the real horrors that are existing. This is not a show, that you can shut off. This is our world. Our America, built on racism that continually brings us down and keeps us poor.

If only $1, find something and support your people.


Updated African American Relief Efforts
Go inside the superdome with Oprah, and see what you can do to help.

A Friend sent me the following message:

For those of you who have some airline miles lying around (or are looking to collect some more), many of the major U.S. airlines have programs in place to encourage their frequent fliers to donate to the ARC and other organizations. American AAdvantage and United Mileage Plus, for example, will offer 500 bonus miles to any member who donates $50+ to the ARC this month. Additionally, Delta, Continental, United, and others are encouraging their frequent fliers to donate some frequent flier miles directly to charities (miles-->dollars).

Also, if you have a lot of spare change lying around at home, you should know that you can donate all of it to the American Red Cross by taking your coins over to any Coinstar machine (http://www.coinstar.com). The last time I did this, it turned out I had $84 just in pennies, nickels, and dimes. That's not too bad at all!

It appears that there are a lot of creative ways to give, so for those of us who may not have a lot, there may still be way to contribute in a meaningful way.

African American Relief Efforts Updated

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