Harlem Will Soon Be Home To A 20-Story Hip Hop Museum

Harlem Will Soon Be Home To A 20-Story Hip Hop Museum

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame won the rights to develop a multi-media complex.

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Preliminary plans for the museum will begin in the coming months, with the start of phase one set to begin February 2018.

Earlier this month, the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum won a bid to acquire a Harlem building and development site for a new state-of-the-art facility that will “preserve, archive, exhibit, educate, and showcase hip-hop Music and culture from around the world.”

Phase one, which is set to begin in February 2018, of the museum’s development plan will include, among other things, a multimedia film production studio and a television content production center for students “that will be training for careers in tech and media, while producing real-life content for the museum, and the hip hop television channel network,” the museum’s founder, JT Thompson, said in a release.

Eventually the 20-story building will include 5-star hotel, retail mall, an arcade, restaurant and concert lounge. The organization has also launched a $150 million fundraising campaign to help complete funding for the entertainment complex.

Last year, Thompson ― who’s also an Army veteran ― told the New York Post that the museum’s progress has been a “labor of love.”

“Hip hop is about empowering yourself, moving beyond the music,” he said. “The HHHOF and I have a duty and responsibility to preserve this rich history of music and culture. [You need to] pull yourself up by your bootstraps to pursue your dreams.”

“This has been a labor of love. It’s had its valleys, mountains, peaks and falloffs. In the Army, I had leaders, mentors and brothers like teammates working to achieve something special. In life and in business, be disciplined and finish strong without quitting.”

For more info on the development of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum, please visit the museum’s website.

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This is great news, though, I doubt they will truthfully 'put on display' the irreparable damage that "Hardcore Rap" did to Black youth, Black communities, and the image of Black people.

African America/African Americans do not do enough to preserve the immense amount of Artistic Creation/Expression, Social Contributions, Inventions, Fights For Equality, and amazing History of Black people in America.

This Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum would not only serve to preserve and display yet, another Art Form created by Black people in America, but will expose a generation of youth to the importance of the preservation of African American History and Contributions to America.

   Nawl.  They aint gon do that....but!  It is marvelous that they give this genre its own history recognition.  It is part of the evolution of black music and now has it rightful place in its legacy.  I see this as a start.  Maybe later someone will extend it and show the social devastation hip hop went when it fell underground and transitioned into "gangsta rap."  It should be a full circle story told about this revolutionary music phenomena.  Hopefully they will be open one day and tell the full truth.   Probably when more true artists participates in its growth....something to see unfold.  But!

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