Georgia Town to Fine Those With Saggy Pants


News One is reporting that a small town in Georgia has passed a law in which they will fine men who wear “saggy pants” $50 for their first offense. Hampton, Georgia will fine men $100 for the second offense and third-time offenders will be charged $200.


We wonder who will be targeted (tongue implanted firmly in cheek)? Plenty of folks wear saggy jeans, but it bothers some so much that they would fine those for a poor fashion decision?


Aside from the fact that saggy pants have long been played out and we really don't understand why anyone outside of prison would wear the look, what is the need to fine folks? Is there nothing else going on in Hampton, Georgia?


Other than freedom of choice, we don't know why young black men continue to insist on wearing this look anymore than some of us insisted on wearing high-top fades, super baggy jeans, Coogi sweaters or Cross Colors way past the expiration date. 


If young people choose to do so, then they should be able to do it. Hopefully they will grow out of it and if they don't, we'll talk about them behind their backs like everybody else and keep it moving. We don't fine them for being fashion backward.


Besides, until they start fining people for wearing flip-flops (often with no pedicures in sight) in business spaces and low-cut jeans, we can't get behind this one. We've seen enough plumber's crack and muffin tops to last a lifetime.

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And, most of the "men" are going to be teenage boys, and most of them are going to have parents that are barely making ends meet, now what is going to happen to these "men" when they can't come up with the money for the fine(s)?  They will be going to jail, racking up criminal records.  I guess criminalizing adolescent behavior of young Black males in our public schools was not churning out the totals projected for our prison industry.  So I guess they will make up for their losses by criminalizing more types of adolescent behavior, like fads and fashion trends that older people don't like.  But no one gets (or got) fined for this:


Go to fullsize imageSofia Vergara pairs her short skirt with sexy black tights and kickin' motorcycle boots.



Go to fullsize imageCameron Diaz is ready to get her party on after the Oscars in her itsy-bitsy cocktail dress.



Go to fullsize imageElizabeth Reaser wasn't sure if she wanted to get dressed, so she went sheer, short, and barely there.




Go to fullsize imageRihanna might be performing, but the only thing we're concentrating on are those legs.




Go to fullsize image\Dancer Edyta Sliwinska has us seeing stars in this super-short, super-fun blue mini. She isn't the only celeb showing off her legs and her shoulders ...





Don't bend down! This teeny-tiny black satin number threatens to bare Longoria's ample derriere.






There's no going commando here: Christina Millan's silver sequins try - but fail - to conceal the strip of black string beneath her lacy cutout.Holy hemlines, Batman! Victoria's Secret models Erin Heatherton, Chanel Iman, and Candice Swanepoel show off their endless gams at a Victoria's Secret event in SoHo.









Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image




Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image















Don' worry, I'm still searching for pictures of those spandex or lycra biking shorts men used to wear back in the '70s/'80s, and pictures of those short shorts the pro basketball players used to wear back in the '70s.






































  My sista we KNOW why they don't fined for dressing like a whore or dressing disgusting....but!  I have to tell ya I agree with this saggy pants stuff...and to be fair I remember back in the day....when girls at school had to wear their skirts  knee level or 2 to 3 inches above the knee.  The warden principal would be at the school door with a ruler in her kidding.   Those who violated the dress code was sent home or suspended.  Time has certainly CHANGED in that regard.  But youngster wearing that bang gangin attire does absolutely NOTHING for their future.  I am tired of seeing underwear or seeing pants about to fall down.  I tell my students, if you  have to hold up your pants, you can't come in.  And to the girls, if you wear anything can't come in.  No buts.  No excuses.  Your choice. 

I'm TOTALLY with you, Ms. Koco!! I ain't mad, neither!


In fact, the way I see it ... there's a very, very SIMPLE way that these brothas (and/or their parents) - can KEEP that $200 in their pockets!!!  Simply make sure those POCKETS are level with their ass .... instead of hovering somewhere around their thighs!!!    


Ya know what I mean?? 

I understand you and Koco, ER, but I just can't get past the fact that it is made such a big deal because it is a fad started by Black youth and I don't think it is fair and I'm sure that it is unconstitutional as well.  I personally don't like sagging pants at all, especially when they are actually below the butt, but (no pun intended) I dislike even more the deliberate racial profiling of Black people in general, Black youth, young Black males, and actually legislating Black youth phases, something that has NEVER been done before in this country with any other provocative dress, which as always been started by or primarily worn by White youth/White people in this country.  Beside, things like this are only a test.  You best believe that once this is accepted, they will be coming back full force with something else, something that is going to affect all of us; just watch and see.  This is just the police saving the Black community from "crack cocaine" all over again.

Sista Sunnubian wrote:  Beside, things like this are only a test.  You best believe that once this is accepted, they will be coming back full force with something else, something that is going to affect all of us; just watch and see.


When have massa EVER stopped harassing and profiling black men?  They have always been a target....don't need saggy pants to single them out.  Nope.  Over the years there have been many upon many black men profiled....and it was never been about what they wearing beside their black skin.  So.  Parents need to rally their kids and teach them some form of self-respect.  We used to have PRIDE about how we presented ourselves in public....but!  Not anymore.  Historically massa has always justified a reason to sabbotage us...however our kids willingly wearing saggy pants[in my view]...isn't one of 'em...but!  I'm just sayin 

@ Ms. Koco ... PREACH IT, Sistagirl!! 


@ sunnubian ...


I TOTALLY understand what you're saying!!  I don't like the idea of putting yet another "bullseye" on the backs of our young Black males, either.  Lord knows we have always had enough as it is!!  And no, I'm not in favor of giving authorities one more issue to add to the list.


But ... I'm LESS in favor of giving our people - especially our young people - a PASS for bad/negative/immoral/indecent/disrespectful behavior just to spite White people ... or under the guise of "why shouldn't we be allowed to do it just because White people do it, too!"


If some nasty ass, trashy, slutty, ho-looking White girl wants to wear Daisy Dukes going up the crack of her ass ... more power to her ... I hope they came with a tube of Preparation H to ease her inevitable ass-crack irritation!!    But I don't want to see a BLACK girl show that kind of self-depreciating manner of dress in public ... not for herself, nor for the way that that kind of indecency SHOULD reflect on our overall community as a whole.


I don't want Black males to pull up their pants because White people don't like how it looks.    I want them to pull up their pants because showing their underwear in public is a tacky, unsightly, non-respectable way to dress.  I want them to pull up their pants to show they have a sense of honorable pride and decency in the way they present themselves.


IMO, we don't do our kids any favors by looking the other way at their bad behavior ... for ANY reason .. and not calling them out on it.  That's what's got us in this hellish situation with them being unable - let alone unwilling - to accept and acknowledge their OWN personal responsibility for their OWN negative actions.  AND has left them without any ability - or even the inclination - to expend even the tiniest of effort to help THEMSELVES out of negative situations that they only want to blame everybody else for getting them into .. and not effectively do anything about!!


Wearing your pants to cover your underwear is the RIGHT thing to do.  Period.  It's NEVER good to NOT do that.  And that's the lesson we need to be teaching them.  Whether they like it or don't want to hear it or not.



Saggy pants ban is a money maker for Georgia town


Saggy pants -- the kind that show off more underwear that many care to see -- were causing such an eyesore in a small town in southwestern Georgia that they were banned. Violators faced a $25 fine for a first saggy pants offense, more for a second. 


Now, nearly a year after the ban was put into effect, Albany, Ga., reports that it

is turning into a tidy little money maker: The city is on track to collect more than $5,500 under it by year's end.


The ban applies to anyone, male or female, wearing extremely low-hanging clothing, which is defined as more than "three inches below the top of the hips," showing off skin or unmentionables in public.


Supporters of the law say low-riding pants are disrespectful and offensive, especially when small children can find themselves staring directly at barely covered buttocks.


Since the prohibition became law Nov. 23, there have been at least 187 citations issued by law enforcement officers in Albany, the ninth-biggest city in Georgia with a population of 77,000.


The citations have raked in about $4,000 and are expected to pull in about $1,500 more before the end of the year, according to the Albany Herald.


Although first-time offenders get off relatively easy, with a $25 fine, the penalty can skyrocket to $200 with a second offense. Offenders can be sentenced to community service if they cannot afford to pay up.


Critics of the law say government has no business regulating a harmless fashion trend. They also have called the ban racist, saying it tends to target African Americans. The measure's proponents say it is not racist because it applies to everyone regardless of race.


Other communities also have prohibited saggy pants, including Dublin, Ga., and cities in Florida, Illinois and Michigan.

Originally Posted by Yemaya:

Cholly and that's what its all about MONEY. Targeting the poor people to exploit them just as the Wall St., but in a different manner.

Let the dumb bastards pay the price. Most of them are feral creatures who are the by products of bastard factory skanks and I beez a pimpdaddy deshawn.

  Other cities should adopt this.  Cuz if we have to spend any form of money doing sumething absolutely ridiculous....we will STOP.  The focus shouldn't be on brainless fashion that causes unnecessary profiling....the focus in our community should be EDUCATING this lost generation....bottom line.  So for me, this is GOOD news.  Hope more will follow suit. But!  I'm just sayin

@ Ms. Koco!!!


How stupid you gotta be to risk paying $25.00 - $200.00 for a ticket for not pulling your pants up ... when you could just buy a $10 belt to do the trick instead?? 


Xum is right .... our children are OBVIOUSLY in desperate need of mandatory accounting and economics classes .... if this kind of math makes sense to them.

Quote by ER: "Xum is right .... our children are OBVIOUSLY in desperate need of mandatory accounting and economics classes .... if this kind of math makes sense to them."


Math and economics is not the main problem here.


It's that sheer hip hop thug life/gangsta life culture that's deeply ingrained in the majority of these kids and rebellion against authority of any kind and the constant peer pressure and constant danger of not comforming to the law for any reason but to maintain the status quo is the real catalysts..."f that law and f the fine",. I'm not gonna be a p*ssy or a punk, diss my boys and pull my pants up or buy a belt...f em, if I get caught and the po po fine me, then fine my Black ass. I don't give a f*ck!!


And what I mean by danger is the high possibility of getting beaten up, injured, shot, wounded or killed.


I went home for the 4th and a friend of mine told me that her 19 year old cousin got shot and killed at point black range simply because while he was at home having a party with several people, in a crowd of other young people just hanging outside by their cars, he made a snide remark about her sister's boyfriend. He made the comment, everyone laughed, the boyfriend (who never met his girlfriend's brother until that day) was embrassed and promptly pull out his pistol, shot him in the face and and killed him in front of everybody including his girlfriend and her family.


A large majority of these teenage kids and young adults who sag their pants are uncivilized; have REALLY bad psychological issues and they as a core group, are mentally programmed to handle their problems with guns and violence. They will kill you simply because you looked at them "in the wrong way".


Have any of them get caught, follow the law, pay the fine, pull up their pants, buy a belt, walk among their peers looking "abnormal" and just wait..........


We fought with our fists, we lived. They shoot, they die...for the stupidest of reasons.

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