Fudo Myo-o-The Black Buddhist Deity


Nichiren Daishonin Inscribed The Black Buddhist God Fudo Myo' o On The Gohonzon

Denial Of The Black Buddhas Is Racism

We at the African and African/American Nichiren
Shoshu web site have preached that there is a
hidden Black Buddhist past. Years ago I charged
Daisaku Ikeda with contempt to hide a Black
Buddhist past. Although we presented historical
evidence people attempt to turn the tables on me by calling me a racist for presenting facts. White people always say "What difference does it make"?

If it does not make a difference then we should
accept the Black Buddhas. Racism begun
thousands of year ago with the Brahmanism in India.

Shakyamuni Buddha fought the racist Brahmanism.
People sell themselves as not being racist, but the minute you present a Black Buddha and historical facts the racism comes out. One White Hokkeko member suggested that I talk to a Priest regarding the issues of the Black Buddha. I would be happy to talk to a Priest and I would be double happy if one of those so called SGI Japanese leaders run up in my face talking nonsense. If you want to tell of the
Buddhist Black History lecture go tell White people and Japanese about the Black Buddha Fudo Myo 'o written on the Gohonzon. Whatever answer you get will certainly will be enlightening. I would love to hear Ikeda or other racist dance around this issue. Africans and African/Americans study your history
and as Malcolm X says"don't be Bamboozed by
racists learn your history".

Always Remember that: "Anytime We As A People Are Not Having Our WaySomeone Else Is Having Theirs...And It's Never To Our Advantage."


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