Donald Trump Is Demanding An Apology[from Jemele Hill]. Don Lemon Has The Perfect Response

Donald Trump Is Demanding An Apology. Don Lemon Has The Perfect Response.

CNN anchor has a reminder for the president.


President Donald Trump demanded an apology from ESPN after the network's Jemele Hill called him a white supremacist. But CNN anchor Don Lemon told TMZ Sports that Trump ought to rethink that:

I think when the president worked for NBC at ˜The Apprentice and he said that Barack Obama was not born here and he called Barack Obama racist, when he apologizes for that then maybe ESPN should apologize. 

The tweet not only inspired the president's demand for an apology, it also prompted the White House to ask the network to fire Hill for one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make

As Lemon noted, Trump was a leading voice in the racist birther movement, which falsely claimed Obama was not born in this country and not eligible to be president. 

Trump has never apologized for that position.

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Donald Trumpf needs to apologize for his Ku Klux Klan pappy who refused to rent to Black people and explain to Black people WHY he's the WHITE SUPREMACIST he is. It was taught to him from baby-hood. When's he leaving office? The sooner the better!!!!! Comey should become president, at least he's easy on the eyes. Stephen Painter even looks better than Trumpf!!!!! Both men look better than everything that's surrounded Trumpf since "president" preceded his name. His son-in-law looks like that guy in the suit with the goat sitting beside him on the couch chewing paper in the commercial (for what, I've forgotten.)  Both good looking but in a horror movie, scary kind of way.

Jemele Hill needs to tell Donald Trump to kiss her Black ass.

The mere fact that Congress has not impeached a 'president' that has used the position to ENRICH HIMSELF, given foreign nations/powers/operatives CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, is FLEECING Tax Dollars of countless millions of dollars with his CONFLICT OF INTEREST living arrangements, and has did nothing but spew seditious rhetoric since being selected elected, is in itself, grounds for impeaching Congress.  

What Jemele Hill said was the TRUTH, and since Trump blatantly solicits and attempts to normalize, racist psychopaths [or his base], who want nothing more than to weaken this country to the point of their being able to commit TREASON against it (the same as their ancestors did), he proves her accessment of him to be true.

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