Cheerios Commercial Featuring Mixed Race Family Gets Racist Backlash (VIDEO)

Cherrios commercial: "Just Checking"



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An adorable Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial couple and their daughter generated such a strong racist backlash on YouTube that the comments section had to be closed.

The ad had received more than 1,600 likes and more than 500 dislikes as of Thursday evening.


Prior to the closure, the comment section had been filled "with references to Nazis, 'troglodytes' and 'racial genocide,'" according to Adweek.

YouTube comment sections have a reputation for breeding racist flame wars. CNN focused on the issue earlier this year, after a panel addressing racism and race on YouTube was held at South By Southwest:

"Everyone gets hate comments on YouTube," said Andre Meadows, the creator of the Black Nerd Comedy channel. "You can make the most wonderful video in the world and you will get 'Fake!' and 'Gay!'"

But for minority creators, "when you get comments, it seems to be targeted toward race almost immediately. A lot of people get 'dumb video, stupid video' -- but with mine it immediately goes to racial slurs."


Commenters on the cereal's Facebook page also said they found the commercial "disgusting" and that it made them "want to vomit." Other hateful commentersexpressed shock that a black father would stay with his family.


However, many took to Facebook to express their appreciation for Cheerios' decision to feature a mixed-race family.

"Having been mixed in the '70s, I'd like to thank everyone at Cheerios for making a commercial with an interracial couple! Going to buy boxes today! Many thanks for reflecting what my family looked like," Beschelle Lockhart posted Monday.

"Just watched your commercial with the biracial family. Beautiful. Thank you so much," Alexandra Burt wrote.

Cheerios was unfazed by the racist Internet backlash. "Consumers have responded positively to our new Cheerios ad. At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all," Camille Gibson, Cheerios vice president of marketing, told Gawker.

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  I was wondering WHEN the backlash will happen.  I looked for it when I first saw the commerical.  Didn't take long.  I agree with the Cheerios Company...there are ALL kinds of family it is soooooooo unforunate that it takes a commerical to reflect that.  In fact, there is another bi-racial commerical with an Asian man and Black woman with a mime telling them something[I forgot] and then the baby says "does anybody think it's strange a mime talking?" or something like that-which is a hoot!  In this way, media does seem to be more updated about what is going on in society an accepting way than those who see it in real life.  But that goes to show how racism is STILL being taught generationally.  Cuz by now, a white teen or black teen for that matter should NEVER use the N word under any circumstances-knowing the history of it....but!  BOTH STILL do,  Which tells a lot about how people continue to raise their children in this country...but!  

You know, I hope General Mills will not pull this commercial, because we all know that all these psychos do not eat Cheerios anyway since they are one cereal the may be healthy to consume, people like that are at home eating nothing but sugar and gluten bathed in chemicals anyway, so General Mills should go about their business as usual. 


And, since this happened, I'm going out to buy three boxes of Cheerios.  Now. 

You people are dumb beyond what any human should ever be.


I'll guarantee that most of you broads aren't married and never will be. You broads could cycle through the ages of 18 to 49, 100 times and never even come close to being married. Yet you support this propaganda from Cheerios.


Everything that you support because some white liberal wants you to is destructive to the black American ethnic group.


Encouragement and Support of Interracial marriage

Encouragement and Support of homosexuality

Making illegal immigrants legal citizens

Coddling of Islamic terrorists

Coddling of black criminals

Drug legalization


What on earth are you so scared of that you support the above retarded liberal ideology over your own self-interest?

I wonder if Cheerios has ever shown a black family (black husband & wife) in one of their commercials... do they also support BLACK families?  If so, cool! cuz black families are also a reflection of society.  If not, shame on Cheerios for excluding black families as though they don't exist.

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