Reply to "Jada Pinkett Smith Boycotts Oscars For Lack Of Diversity and Janet Hubert Responds to Jada's Oscar Boycott"

Momentum posted:

Jada and all Blacks should be ticked off but I would rather she and Will with other wealthy Blacks organize a Black movie industry, use your anger for that. Jews control the movie industry, lets get our own and have more control of our images.   



"The African Film Industry & Nollywood-The Little Engine That Could: The Growing Billion $ African Film Industry - See more at:http://globalfusionproductions...sthash.8RfPoINS.dpuf"


So, part of me says damn Jada and her "boycott", especially while her and African Americans like her are silent on and are saying nothing about 'boycotting' anything else because of the racist police murders that are taking place all over this country.  Men, women and children dying

Men, women and children being LYNCHED all across America means far more than rich African American getting roles in movies, particularly when they do NOTHING for African America, African American Institutions and impoverished African American communities and children.

African American actors, actresses, producers, etc., should have already built a thriving African American Film Industry by now, but no, they are too busy trying to force America's White Film Industry to want them, to employ them, to give them roles in that industry.  

Black people died so Jada's ass could ever even be in the position she is in today, and the same goes for ALL the other Black people in the Film Industry [and any other industry in America], so the least wealthy, and rich Black people could do is unify around creating industry and atmosphere that cancels out the need for Black people to always needs to vicariously BEG White industry for acceptance.